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Late August 2015



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Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker is a jaunty spin on the clicker genre that adds catchy tunes and economic micromanagement to the frantic taps of a classic clicker.

Rise to fame in the music world - tap to collect coins, dazzle fans, and score some swanky swag on the way to superstardom. Being famous isn’t just about the songs though; manage your finances to indulge in some in-world promotion and sell merchandise to the adoring public. There'll be broken instruments and media scandals to contend with, but luckily you're one tough cookie. Persevere on the street corner and watch your band's evolution - it won't be long before you take center stage in a stadium full of wild fans, all of them screaming out your name.

Beat Bop has a fine tuned music score that evolves as you do. Tapping faster amps up your music, and recruiting more band members adds different instrumental tracks to bolster your music. Go acoustic as a solo artist, or play with a full band at a range of different venues which all come with their own soundtrack. Beat Bop provides a vibrant art style and lively animations that accompany the jaunty soundtrack of your musical success. It won't be long before you see the fruits of your effort, as you unlock new costumes and equipment, and move on to be the star performers on bigger and grander stages.


Beat Bop started development in early 2015 as the premier game of Fliptus. Inspired by the rising success of the clicker genre on mobile, Beat Bop is simple to pick up and play, with refreshing visuals and a lively soundtrack for an engaging experience.


  • Start with nothing. Build up your band and unlock gear to customize their style
  • Easy to play - tap to jam with your band and rake in money
  • Invest in stock to sell merchandise to get rich even while you're idle
  • Vibrant 2D artwork to provide a cheery ambience every session
  • Original soundtrack provided by Piotr Nowotnik to illuminate your path to fame and glory


Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker - Trailer YouTube, .mp4


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